FC View Features

Please note: the screenshots here are taken from the iPhone version. The same features exist in the Android version, but it will just look slightly different.

Initial Login

The login assigned by your airline.

Calendar View

All of the information on this page is downloaded (not calculated).

The weather is the Hi/Lo forecast for that day in your layover city. It defaults to Fahrenheit and can be changed to Celsius in the Settings menu. It displays the weather at your home airport on your days off and your activity airport when assigned a
non-flight trip (such as rsv).

Pull To Refresh

Pull-To-Refresh replaces the refresh button. Just pull down on the calendar to start the refresh process.

In the daily view, just pull down on the list of flights to start the refresh process.

Daily View

The info in the top and bottom bars are downloaded (not calculated).

The asterisk (*) in the DH/C column indicates an airplane change from the previous leg.

The shaded information is calculated by the app. It is the Part 117 calculations. It will turn yellow when you get close to your limit and red when you exceed the limit.

Part 117

The Part 117 calculations include the following:

- 672 Hour Block Lookback calculated at the end of each leg.

- 168 & 672 FDP lookback at the end of each FDP (last leg DH's and post flight duties do not count towards FDP)

- Daily FDP Limit is the time that you must be scheduled to duty off. It is calculated in the time zone of the last non-DH flight.

- Extension is the maximum time that you can be on duty due to unforeseen delays.

- Daily Max Block is the number of block hours allowed based on your report time and number of flight legs.

Hotel & Flight Info

The Flight numbers are links to your Flight Information. The app automatically sends you to your flight. It also gives you the option to go straight to your EDCT.

The hotel info at the bottom of the page is downloaded. You can click on it and have the option to call the hotel or view the hotel information

Hotel Info

The Hotel Info is submitted by crews for crews. Even you can add your notes!

If something changes, or you find a new place that other crews might like to know about, feel free to make an addition by selecting "Edit".

App Settings

The Settings are displayed on first login and can be changed in the app's Settings menu.

The Pilot/FA/US/Canadian selections determine what features are shown. For instance, FAs don't operate under Part 117 duty and rest, so that is removed for a cleaner layout.

The Home Airport is usually the airport closest to your home.

The Activity Airport is usually your base. It could be another airport if you do a lot of union work or company business elsewhere.

Note that the start time for night mode is in the evening.