Who we are

Robert Murray, Owner/Developer

Captain Robert Murray is a pilot for a large US airline. He graduated in 2004 from Kansas State University with a degree in Computer Engineering and has experience developing test software to assist research in various on- and off-campus fields, including Biology, Entomology, and Physics with brief collaborations on projects for both Fermi and Sandia National Laboratories. After graduating from College, he decided to pursue a career in flying, as he had been exposed to aviation his entire life as the son of a QA Engineer at Hawker/Beechcraft.

While he focused on flying after graduating, his background in programming proved useful in creating a much-needed app to assist pilots and flight-attendants. He currently spends most of his time off focusing on development and planning of Flight Crew View and prides himself on customer service, making sure each and every app user is happy. While the app has certainly proven useful to pilots and flight attendants, it is his commitment to customer service that has contributed most to the explosion of an app that has spread nearly entirely by word-of-mouth.

Jonathan Murray, IT/Developer

Jonathan Murray has multiple degrees in Networking, Networking Security, and Data Assurance. He also has multiple certifications in Networking, Networking Security, Voice over IP, Data Assurance, and related Cisco Networking Class Certifications. He has more than six years of experience with Linux, Server Management and Implementation, and various other technologies including Web Development, Programming, and Hardware Design and Implementation. He has taken all CCNA and CCNP courses as well and is well versed in all Networking technologies including security, firewalls, IDS/IPS systems and QoS Networking Designs. All of his security training has led to a wide background in I.T.

Jonathan has been with Flight Crew View from the beginning and aided Robert in setting up and maintaining the servers required for the app. His efforts were instrumental in helping to solve some of the initial hurdles as well as quickly resolving any of the issues that have cropped up along the way. Jonathan's wide range of knowledge and his ability to quickly identify and fix issues has been the foundation upon which Flight Crew View reliably serves thousands of users each and every day.

Thorsten Weyter, Developer

Captain Thorsten Weyter began programming and flying at a very young age. He was gifted his first computer, a Commodore 64, in the fourth grade, and two years later, took his first flight in a small aircraft: a Piper Arrow. In 1993, he obtained his private pilot's license and decided to pursue a career in aviation while keeping programming as a hobby. During that time, he gained experience developing in Basic, Pascal, C and C++. He graduated from the University of North Dakota in 2000 and focused on beginning his aviation career, returning later to his programming hobby by learning Java, and later Python, to perform data analysis on airline crew pairings.

In 2014, he joined the Teamsters Local 357 Scheduling Committee to learn more about how airline crew scheduling works and apply that knowledge towards helping fellow pilots. One year later, Robert Murray was beginning development on the iOS version of Flight Crew View and reached out to him after learning of a simple Part 117 calculator that he created. Thorsten's collaboration on modifying his Part 117 calculator, as well as his work in other areas of the app and strong work ethic, proved vital in the timely release of the iOS version. He continues to provide on-going support with Flight Crew View and continues his pursuit of knowledge in the field of programming in order to help his fellow pilots.

Dmitry Polyankovskiy, Developer

Dmitry Polyankovskiy is a C++ and Objective C Programmer/Analyst/Software Architect with 14 years of experience. He has a solid background in analysis, design, development, and implementation of desktop and mobile application. He holds a Masters degree in Computer Science from Tomsk State University in Russia and is a Co-Founder of BirdsCorp.com. Through BirdsCorp, he has developed and launched 3 successful iOS application, including an award-winning local sharing service (AirForShare, winning best business app at MobileFest 2012), and a popular medication tracker and reminder (Easy Pill).

Dmitry began work on the iOS version of Flight Crew View during the Summer of 2015 and continues to support the app by working with us to develop new features and continue support for the app. His quick work, unmatched support, and robust code has contributed greatly to the stability and success of the iOS version.